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The Red and Grey

Just a Tad older: Tad Wilsons journey from student to teacher

Just a Tad older: Tad Wilson’s journey from student to teacher

Noah Braswell, Staff Writer September 23, 2022

Madison County High School has such a wonderful impact on its students that many cannot help but return. Growing up in such an uplifting atmosphere full of teachers and staff who make sure each student...

The Hilltopper staff: Our top of the line editors

The Hilltopper staff: Our top of the line editors

KrisAnna Kinsey, Staff Writer September 15, 2022

Towards the end of the year, we are all excited to get our yearbooks, get them signed, and see everyone we know in the columns. But we never truly look at the hard work and dedication put into the yearbooks....

Ring: That is the bell

Ring: That is the bell

Carraway Best and Adam Close September 15, 2022

Every new school year ushers in a gamut of unfamiliar things, but among the most notable this year has been the schedule change. Opposed to the two long days in the middle of the week; we now see all 7...

Ian Heath

Club profile: FFA

Thomas Lord and Chase Sears August 31, 2022

When people think of extracurriculars, it is usually your regular activities such as football, basketball, baseball, and much more. People overlook your non-traditional activities, and one example of this...

Sophomore Carraway Best and Junior Adam Close enjoying music on the breezeway

What MCHS is listening to

Carraway Best, Staff Writer August 22, 2022

AirPods have become as synonymous with the average high school student’s attire as wearing a hoodie no matter the weather. Regardless of how official the location or serious the time in school, it is...

Spanish teachers Daniel Aristizabal and Olivia Hicks

A new crew in Spanish

Noah Braswell, Staff Writer August 19, 2022

Hola! Have you met any of the new Spanish teachers? This year at MCHS two-thirds of the Spanish department is brand new. We are proud to have these great teachers join our Red Raider troop, and they are...

Dressing to impress: Fashion as a form of expression

Dressing to impress: Fashion as a form of expression

Emma Carter, Staff Writer August 19, 2022

With school starting back up, people are taking the phrase “Dress to Impress” to the next level.  With only two weeks into the school year, many people have worn colorful pants, unique accessories,...

The return of MCTV

The return of MCTV

Loucious Rudin, Staff Writer August 17, 2022

MCTV finally makes a return after its initial conceptualization in the 2019-2020 school year. Principal Dixon made a request to Mr. Orr at the end of last year to bring back the show as a better method...

Principal Dixons year in review

Principal Dixon’s year in review

Jacey McMinn, Staff Writer May 16, 2022

This school year started a little differently with a new principal, Mr. Jamie Dixon. At first many people were unsure of how this year would look under a new principal, but Principal Dixon has changed...

Student teacher profile: Ags Hortoman

Student teacher profile: Ag’s Hortoman

Jacey McMinn, Staff Writer April 24, 2022

Many of us remember having a student teacher at some point in our life. Those student teachers may be quiet and barely interact or you could have one that makes a connection with every student and actually...

Teacher profile: Abby Newland

Teacher profile: Abby Newland

Jayda Mitchell, Staff Writer April 14, 2022

Here at MCHS, expressing ourselves through art is very underrated. It is not one of those things that students tend to enjoy due to their lack of confidence. All they need is a little motivation which...

Every boat needs an Orr: We are glad we found ours

Every boat needs an Orr: We are glad we found ours

Pasha West and Aiden Williamson March 28, 2022

Mr. Orr is easily one of MCHS's most favorite teachers. With his outgoing, optimistic personality, he is prone to turning your cloudy days into sunbeams. There is never a dull moment while being in Mr....

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