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The Red and Grey

The Red and Grey

Advice: October 27th

Q: How do you know you are truly worth it? A: You might not know your purpose yet, but it will come eventually. You are always worth it. -Julia A: Because you are. There is a purpose for you in this...

Advice: October 25th

Q: Should I give up on a guy who is confusing the heck out of me?  A: It honestly depends. You're definitely worth more than someone who is going to just confuse you, but communication is key. Start...

Fall Horoscopes

Aiden Williamson, Staff Writers October 20, 2021

Aries: Now's the perfect time to go to haunted houses and do all the exciting parts of pumpkin season. Taurus: Unwinding to fall-themed shows on the couch and drinking a hot latte is the move this time...

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