Horoscopes for the new year


We are half-way through January now, and some of us are probably still wondering where to procced with 2022.   Because of the pandemic, the last few years have bled together, and it is difficult know how to start this year off on the right foot.  Here is some advice from our resident astrology junkie, Aiden, on how to make the most of this new year:

Aries – Look before jumping this year.  You made plenty of mistakes in 2021, but this year stay cautious because it may have a huge impact on your life.  Clear your mind, too.  Last year may have been crazy, but you need to go into this year refreshed.

Taurus – Dream big and leap even bigger.  As a taurus, you value money and a stable household.  Remember that you can accomplish anything, just be sure to put your foot in the door to start the process.

Gemini – This year will be an adventure for you.  Mentally, it can go haywire when trying to juggle everything at once.  You are going to experience so much fun, so take advantage of that and have a great year.

Cancer – Stop being so depressed, please.  Although you may not realize it, you can turn people against you just as easily as you can reel them in.  Protect your energy and spend time listening to jazz music.

Leo – Allow your natural radiance to shine bright with all the new experiences this year.  You will meet many people and remember to not let them dim your light.

Virgo – Stay in your lane.  You always feel tendencies to cater your environment to your own needs without considering how others may feel.  This year, try to be helpful and thoughtful towards others.

Libra – Do not trust everyone.  With the bubbly personality you possess, it is easy to make friends with just about anyone.  With that quality, you are prone to backstabbing friends.  Watch out.

Scorpio – Look at libra’s horoscope above and then realize you are the backstabbing friend I am talking about.  Fix yourself and adjust that attitude.  You are too grown to be acting like this.  With all jokes aside, do not let your temper make you do things you will end up regretting.

Sagittarius – Sit down.  Being on the go all the time must be tiring.  Hang out with a taurus and indulge in something.  Feel relaxation, then go on your way to the next adventure.  Do not turn in the wrong direction, though… you know what I mean. 

Capricorn – 2022 is your year.  Make money, go crazy, and live your life.  Live on the edge because normally you are too reserved.  Go to a party or change your hair.

Aquarius – Express your individuality with no hesitation.  You better be your own person this year because that is all you can be.  This will lead you to good experiences and a positive mind.

Pisces – Get in touch with your spiritual side.  You are divinely protected and it is important to allow yourself time to be at one with yourself.  Do not let too much of the outside world affect your inner peace.