Gift guide for each of the Zodiac signs

Aiden Williamson

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Many people, when asked what their sign is, answer with one word. Not many people are aware of the multiple different placements within astrology. Your moon sign is one of the many placements you possess and can be found by locating your birth chart. Accessing this information is very simple and all you need to do is type in your birth time, day, and location into an astrology website and a detailed explanation will be presented to you. Listed below are personally what I think you should get each moon sign for Christmas:

 Aries РSportwatch, Shoes

Taurus – Restaurant Gift Cards, Candles

Gemini – Journal, New Phone

Cancer – AncestryDNA, Blankets

Leo – Retail Gift Cards, Perfume

Virgo – Skincare Products, Room Decor

Libra – Jewelry, Makeup

Scorpio – Hoodies, Pillows

Sagittarius – Jeans, Concert Tickets

Capricorn – Money, Therapy

Aquarius – LED Lights, Concert Tickets

Pisces – Crystals, Dog