Teacher profile: Lee Reno

Marissa West

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Students tend to see teacher just as educators.  Students rarely view teachers as people with lives and interests outside of the classroom.  For this week’s teacher profile, I had the privilege of interviewing Lee Reno. 

Reno has only been teaching for 6 years, but he is not new to this school. As a kid, Mr. Reno went to school here. Mr. Reno became a teacher because it involved all the things he loves: teaching, coaching, and being involved in FFA. Here at Madison County High School, Mr. Reno teaches Biology. Mr. Reno’s favorite part of being a Biology teacher is feeling the joy of watching a student understand a concept they are struggling with. One of Mr. Reno’s most memorable moments of being a teacher is winning the Student Choice Teacher of the Year. Along with being a teacher, Mr. Reno coaches the girls’ varsity soccer team. Mr. Reno’s favorite part of being a coach is the relationships he forms with his athletes. I asked Mr. Reno a couple of fun questions. I asked him what his spirit animal was and he said, “Otter.” I also asked what his favorite class pet was and he said his bearded dragon, Freduardo (RIP).