Christmas trees: Real vs. fake?

Kassie Abbs

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Kadence Wright

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March 25, 2022

Many people have this argument every year: Should they purchase a real or fake tree? For a lot of people, the question is cost vs. tradition. It is a pretty small choice depending on your finances, but for more eco friendly people, this is a far more complex issue. The real vs. fake Christmas tree debate is not merely about which tree smells better or looks better; it is about the lasting environmental impact . According to CNN, Americans throw away 1 million extra tons of waste from each holiday starting with Thanksgiving. The waste increases 25 % during the Christmas season. From the ornaments on the tree, to the garland hung around it.  From a financial standpoint, the idea of a real tree might make sense. You buy a tree one time and get to reuse it for as long as it lasts. Which means you are saving roughly $50 each year. According to the USA, new Americans purchase more than 10 million artificial trees each year. The added impact of all the artificial bushes made a carbon emission increase. The trees are not recyclable or biodegradable, making them an environmental burden. So the tough question is, which do you purchase every year? Do you know the real costs of each one?