Review: Stranger Things

Omariah Tink Reid

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Taking it back to the ’80s we’re focusing on the show that encompasses that time period: Stranger Things! This show came out on July 15th, 2016 and has been a hit on the app Netflix ever since it aired. Stranger Things is about a group of young friends who constantly go through supernatural forces and secret government exploits, and as they continue looking for answers they find more than what they’re looking for. Watching this show showed me what real friends are, and how no matter what happens, always stick with them. The actors are also more than amazing! You wouldn’t even believe they’re acting due to how good they play their roles. For instance, when Millie Bobby Brown was so overwhelmed with the whole set in season 3 (episode 4), she collapsed into Finn Wolfhard’s arms during their one take. That scene was so relatable because I felt like everyone has had a moment where they’ve been so tired that they just broke down. Brown falling into Wolfhard’s arms wasn’t actually in the script which made that whole scene more intense. Watching this show has had me on edge of my seat since the beginning. I definitely recommend watching this show. I can’t wait to see what season four has in store for us!