Advice: November 12th


Do you wait for a guy to come to you or tell him you like him first?

Julia: It depends, to be honest just go for it and tell the guy you like him. 

Kaleigh: I tell people how I feel without hesitation, so I say go for it. You will never know unless you go for it and take the chance. 

Aiden: Give it time and see where things go. If there’s no progress, maybe try being friends instead until something happens.


How do I deal with a toxic household? I feel like I am not being accepted or loved properly, but it is my only option for the moment.

Kaleigh: Try to get out and hangout with people that are good for your mental health. Just know that it does get better and I love you. 

Jayda: Try not to give anyone who is being toxic to you attention. As long as you keep to yourself and show them that you don’t really care, everything should be fine problem wise. Hang in there, and it will eventually get better.

Pasha West- Kill them with kindness. I know it’s hard at seems so dumb, but it works. Keep your head up:) 


How should I approach asking someone if they need help financially or with getting basic needs?

Aiden: Find the right place and time to talk to them and politely ask if help is needed. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to help others.

Kaleigh : Just tell them that you would like to help them in any way possible no matter the circumstance! Helping people is amazing, and there should be no shame in needing help or wanting to help someone.