Strong bodies, strong minds: How MCHS’s wrestling team strives for mental endurance


When people think of the most demanding sports, they often overlook wrestling. The truth is, however, that wrestling is one of the most mentally and physically draining sports. High school is a stressful enough time for so many students; combine this with the additional demands of wrestling – cutting weight, late nights, working throughout the holiday season – and it’s hard not to be impressed with student wrestlers’ dedication. 

Wrestling is an extremely intense sport. It takes hard work, dedication, and drive. Wrestling is a combat sport in which physical contact is required. Because of this the sport is extremely competitive and difficult. There are many challenges that come with wrestling when it comes to staying fit and being dedicated to the sport. Wrestling could possibly be one of the most mentally challenging sports due to the fact that you have to cut weight to obtain a certain weight class… and all this happens during the most delectable time of year (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s)! 

Every MCHS wrestler we spoke to mentioned the effects the sport has on one’s mindset. Junior Reese Baswell credits wrestling for helping him maintain “a positive mindset,” and sophomore Dalton Giles credits it with having a “tough mindset.” According to 11th grader Jace Jachimski, wrestlers have to maintain a positive, never-quit mindset. “If you do not think you can win or don’t believe you can win, then you won’t,” says Jachimski. “You will only get out what you put into it.” Casey Lovelace, a junior, agrees that “it prepares you for life with a strong mind.”

It is clear that this sport is just as much mental as it is physical. Even though the demands are high, it is evident that wrestlers gain so much more than match/tournament wins.