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All students interact with teachers through the years, but seldom do we get to know teachers as more than educators. Here at MCHS, we have multiple teachers that let their students know who they really are, but also fully get to know their students. One of them is Mr. Jonathan Phillips. Mr. Phillips has a very interesting background; he was born in Haiti and then raised in Franklin County.  He moved to Virginia where he started his career as an educator and also where he started his family.  He has been teaching for 8 years — he even taught in a prison at one point. He has two daughters and a son that he speaks very highly of; he also has a wonderful wife that is in the medical field.

Mr. Philips is a well-known science geek. once he had an alligator (aka Boots)  in his class room in Virginia, he wishes to have the largest chicken, the “closest living ancestor to the tiranti souris tex,” since he had to leave Boots behind. One of Mr. Philips favorite part about being a teacher is getting to know the students. Mr. Philips is a teacher that is both funny and serious, depending on the situation. He is always there when a student needs him and he believes in all of them no matter what. Mr. Phillips has a love and passion for teaching his students. 

Phillips became a very well liked teacher as soon as he got to our school. He is not only known for his love for chickens, but also for his dark sense of humor. Mr. Phillips teaches Physics here at Madison County. One of Mr. Phillips favorite part of teaching at Madison County is his coworkers and coaching soccer. Along with teaching and coaching Mr. Philips owns his own farm, which he enjoys having very much. He is definitely a teacher students need to have at least once throughout their high school experience. He is there for you, helps you with anything and everything, extremely funny, and inspiring.

Thank you Mr. Philips for having a huge impact not just on our lives, but many other students. You will be someone we will remember, and no not only for your sense of humor.