Lucifer: A Netflix Revival


If you haven’t caught the Lucifer bug by now, then it is about time you did. It is one of the very few TV programs that will have you bingeing from the crack of dawn all the way until midnight. Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) is the original fallen angel that has decided he is thoroughly fed up with the underworld. He gives up his throne in hell to come back to earth where he decides to settle in the City of Los Angeles. Lucifer retains some of his otherworldly powers that allows him to grant favors. When one of his recipients is murdered outside of his nightclub, for the first time in billions of years, something unfamiliar is enlightened in Lucifer’s soul. His compassion and sympathy forces him to pair up with the investigating detective, Chole Decker (Lauren German), which begins the partnership that the show revolves around. After a while of working with the detective, Lucifer discovers that he becomes vulnerable, but only when he is around Chole. This is very strange because he is the Devil, meaning that he can’t die. The only question is whether or not it is in control of it.  

Lucifer covers a variety of genres including crime, fantasy, comedy, drama, and even romance. After having the first three seasons shown on FOX, the third season ending with a cliffhanger, FOX shockingly cancelled it. But thankfully, Netflix bought the rights to it and created season 4 and 5. The sixth and final season wraps up the series. Containing 93 episodes in all, Lucifer is a must if you like your reality to have a healthy dose of fantasy thrown in. If you ever come to a point where you have absolutely nothing to do, you should consider watching Lucifer on Netflix.