Red Raider Marching Band wins superior awards


When people think about sports competitions, they likely think of football games, wrestling matches, and track meets. What many people may not know, however, is that marching band can be just as competitive.

The Madison County Marching Band participates in numerous competitions where they compete against bands from other schools. At the competitions, there are different size bands that each have a division depending on their size. The smallest is 1A bands, and the biggest are 5A bands. Our Marching Band is a 3A band. At the end of competition days, they have an award ceremony where bands are rewarded for different things. They are rewarded on their placement; it determines their numerical score. The highest you can get is superior, then excellent, then average, and finally the lowest is fair. After that, you get an award on what you placed in your division; 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. At some competitions, you may even get awards for things in the Silver and Gold Division. Gold Division is 4A and 5A bands. Silver Divisions are 1A, 2A, and 3A bands. You also receive an award on overall, which is what you place out of all the bands at the competition. Recently, our band has done well at the last 2 competitions. On October 16th they went to Hartwell, and this past weekend they went to Flowery Branch – their final competition. Here is what all our Red Raider Marching Band won:

  • At the Hartwell competition our band did impressively well and got to bring home multiple awards! MCHS Drum Majors were awarded superior, 2nd place in the 3A division and 3rd in the Silver Division. The Color Guard was awarded superior, 2nd place in 3A division, and 3rd place in the Silver Division. The overall band got superior, 2nd place in 3A division, and 3rd place in the Silver Division. Last but definitely not the least – as they received the highest awards of anyone in the band – is MCHS Percussion. They got superior, 1st place in the 3A division, and 1st in the Silver Division!
  • For the Flowery Branch competition they went to this weekend, they did an amazing job again! At this competition our Drum Majors did not actually get judged, but they did receive comments. For the Color Guard they brought home superior and 3rd place in the 3A division. The overall band got superior and 2nd in the 3A division. Percussion got superior.  Instead of the awards for the Silver Division, they received awards for the overall band, which is what they placed out of 20 bands. Our color guard tied for 4th out of those 20 bands! And for our overall band, they received 3rd place!

Congratulations to our Red Raider Marching Band! You all did so amazing and your hard work has definitely paid off.