American Horror Story Season 10: Double Feature

Laci LaDuke

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American Horror Story: Season 10

Called “Double Feature,” the new season of American Horror Story has two different plots, split into two different storylines.  This was to introduce a new plot and finish a previous thread of the story. Full of frights and suspense, this season is perfect for Halloween season. 

The first six episodes follow the story of a screenwriter moving with his family in order to overcome his writer’s block. There he discovers a small pill that brings out talents and advancing his career. Although seemingly amazing, this little pill has side effects that he and his family are not prepared for.  

The final four episodes jump back to the 1950s and are consumed with Aliens. These final episodes make a full circle,  connecting to previous seasons as it focuses on an alien invasion. Although it can be watched alone, these final episodes make the most sense after watching the previous seasons. (Almost all of which reference aliens and build on the plot.)