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With the world continuously changing and society becoming more and more crass, people struggle daily in order to fit into society’s stereotypical standards. Individuals tend to conform to others’ lifestyles, instead of following their own. It is dense, the world we live in, but there is only one notion that could change that – kindness. Humans take kindness for granted and rarely acknowledge its importance. That is when society corrupts the significance of kindness. It takes one second to smile at someone, hold the door open for them, compliment them, or simply ask them how they are. That one second could impact more than you could believe. We questioned some MCHS students to get their input. 

When asked about being kind to others, junior Colby Lewis says, “You don’t know what someone is going through and you don’t know if you are the last or even first person being kind towards them.” 

“Kindness means everything to me,” says 11th grader Trinity Sewell. “I’m kind by treating others with respect.” 

With there being so much negativity in our everyday lives, kindness is always a resort. It makes the world a better place, and an abundance of healthy behavior. The more you are kind, the more it benefits you. People struggle with keeping an effective personality, so you could be that one person to redeem that. You do not have to be like everyone else, instead be kind. 

“Kindness impacts the world by making it a better place, and it influences others to be kind,” junior Lizeth Rebollar. “Kindness is important to me because I believe in treating others the way you want to be treated.” 

Everyone has their own personal struggles, but remember someone always has it worse than you. One word could advance someone’s bad day, or life in general. It does not take much to stop and be kind. Life is too short to live vulgerly, for everyone needs kindness in their existence. Be the change, be the good, and be yourself – kind! 

 According to 11th grader Makiyah Little, “I make people laugh and smile and I do it because even if I’m having a bad day it doesn’t mean everyone else does too. I do this to make others feel good about themselves and to be respected.” 

One of the biggest issues teenagers face when it comes to treating other people with kindness is cyber bullying. What is cyber bullying? Cyber bullying is the use of electronic communication to bully a person typically by sending messages of intimidating or threatening nature. Studies show that kids that are bullies have a higher risk of doing alcohol and drugs, skip school, are unwilling to attend school and have lower self esteem. All of these side effects are things that can be avoided by choosing to be kind. 

Most bullies have a self esteem issue within themselves so they feel the need to try and get others down on their level. Have you ever tried asking someone how their day is? Or telling them they look nice today. Little things go such a long way. In today’s society many have become far too comfortable with normalizing bullying. You may know of someone going through just this. You can be the impact in their lives. Have you ever seen a post online where people were putting each other down? 

Do not scroll past when you see negativity. Educate others on how deep and harsh bullying is. Society has to follow the lead of someone. Why not you?