Advice: October 29th


Q: How do you know you are truly worth it?

Julia: You might not know your purpose yet, but it will come eventually. You are always worth it.

Marissa: Because you are. There is a purpose for you in this life.

Kaleigh: Everyone has a purpose and is needed in this world. You will find your worth as you grow. I love you (because everyone needs to hear it).

Tyler: You have to find a group of friends/peers that lift you up and give you a better mindset.

Levi: I feel like that’s a question you shouldn’t even be asking yourself. Everyone has their own worth, and you cannot compare yourself to anybody else.

Q: If a family member dies, is that excused when you stay out for that?

A: It is usually case-by-case basis. If it’s immediate family, the funeral will be excused if you provide proof. Just make sure you talk to your counselor/admin. -R&G staff per Mrs. Holliman

Q: I have a friend who will always leave me and stuff when they get a significant other. No matter how much I try and say something, they never try again. Should I drop them? Or what should I do?

Julia: You should definitely drop the person because if you’re not benefitting and you’re putting in more effort than the other person, then it’s a one-sided relationship and not a true friendship.

Marissa: You shouldn’t keep that kind of negativity in your life. Drop them.

Aiden: I think if you’ve talked to your friend and nothing has changed, realize that there are better people focus your energy on.

Kendall & Kadence: Drop them because they aren’t valuing your friendship.

Rue: If they’re not putting in the same amount of energy, you don’t need to waste your time.

Pasha: It seems to me like you’re feelings aren’t being valued. You don’t need that kind of negative energy in your life. Friends come and go. Drop them.

Kaleigh: You deserve a friend who matches your energy and who is not going to leave you when they find someone else that they would rather hang out with.