Fall horoscopes

Advice for how to live this autumn

Aiden Williamson

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Aries: Now’s the perfect time to go to haunted houses and do all the exciting parts of pumpkin season.

Taurus: Unwinding to fall-themed shows on the couch and drinking a hot latte is the move this time of the year.

Gemini: Having a superior taste in music, you definitely need a good listen to Adele, and Taylor Swift’s new album is dropping next month to feel the season.

Cancer: Walk through a pumpkin patch and reminisce on childhood memories and feel the nostalgia; spend time with family.

Leo: Throw a Halloween party and invite everyone from school; it will be the most fun thing ever.

Virgo: Bake something festive. Try new recipes and see what you like. Also, seek help and go to therapy!

Libra: Friday night lights until football season is over. These football games are your perfect opportunity to socialize with anybody and everyone.

Scorpio: Chill out and watch horror movies until you’re on your toes. Can’t forget the snacks and comfy blanket. Bring your significant other for more fun!

Sagittarius: Run, don’t walk, to your nearest fair and ride every single ride. It’s your time to have a blast.

Capricorn: Treat yourself to a trip to the mall and buy the autumn essentials. Changing up your style this year wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Aquarius: Take your friends to Six Flags Fright Fest and trick-or-treating while wearing your best Halloween costume.

Pisces: Go out with your fav people and look at Halloween decorations, then go star-watching in a field on top of a car.