Fall fashion


As the seasons change, fall is right around the corner where many people bring out their favorite fashion trends. During the autumn season many people prefer thick, comfier clothing choices. The crisp, cool air that fall provides allows people to dress in these particular ways, being cozy in their daily outfits. It is clear to say that a frequent observation around the campus is that multiple individuals tend to wear flannels, big jeans, sweaters, sweatpants, crewnecks, and other casual, stylish options. The MCHS student body brings out their own, unique styles during the festive months of fall. We interviewed a few members of MCHS and asked them what their preferred autumn attire is and what their favorite feature about fall is. 

Here are some comments from MCHS students:

“My favorite thing to wear during fall is an oversized flannel with a T-shirt and baggy jeans with a nice pair of sneakers,” says 11th grader Addison Combs. My favorite thing about autumn is being able to see all the leaves changing colors and the cooler weather.” 

“My favorite thing to wear for fall  is sweats or jeans with a flannel and possibly a hoodie,” says junior Kyrsten Watts. “My favorite thing about autumn is that the weather is changing, basketball season is near, and the vibes you get from people are more caring and thankful.”

“My favorite thing to wear during fall is crewnecks, ugg’s, and sweatpants,” explains 11th grader Tia Barnett. “My favorite thing about fall is the style change and the fact that it is not hot and muggy.” 

According to MCHS junior Billy Halberg, “My favorite thing to wear is a sweater and my favorite thing about fall is the crunchy leaves.”

The MCHS students emphasize autumn fashion to its fullest extent and are able express themselves through comfy, warmer attire in order to adjust to the change in our seasons. It is obvious that there are recurring fashion trends throughout the school that spice up the season of autumn.