Style spotlight: Abbi Adams

Emma Carter

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Senior struggles
February 21, 2023
Tyler Guest

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Another fashionista, Junior Abigail Adams, comes to school with different clothing styles everyday. I asked a series of questions about her opinions of her personal style. Abigail says, “Style is such a cool, subjective concept, and I am very appreciative of the fact that you guys like my style! :)”  When I ask her what she thinks of her style she says, “I dress nice because I like expressing myself. If I am feeling down, I might choose to wear sweaters, whereas, if I am feeling happy, maybe even a skirt! It really just depends on the day! Also, it really does romanticize your life.” Junior Anna Kate Mathis (AK) says “I love love love Abigail Adams’s style!! She always wears gorgeous skirts and crystal necklaces with it, and her makeup is always so cute!!” It is obvious that Abigail never fails to catch someone’s eye for her outfits.