Style spotlight: Joshua Lewis

Emma Carter

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Senior struggles
February 21, 2023
Tyler Guest

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Senior Joshua Lewis never fails to impress everyone with his outfits. I asked him, “”What do you think of your own style?” He says, “I think my style is constantly expanding, I am becoming more open minded to different shapes and styles of clothing, but in my opinion I believe I have a pretty solid foundation when it comes to my style” Joshua’s outfits are different everyday, and always look good. Senior Lily Herndon says, “Joshua Lewis definitely has the coolest outfits. He always matches his shirts perfectly with all the cool shoes he has and it always looks good.” Joshua also says when he gets asked where he gets inspiration from, “What inspires me the most when it comes to my style is archive fashion style, and 2000s Japanese street fashion.” I believe me and many other students are excited for all of the outfits Joshua has for this school year.