Club spotlight: FCA


High school is an awkward time for a lot of people regardless of how they are stereotyped. There are many trials that you might go through while in school, and you may want to get involved in something that will help you get through this difficult period in your adolescence. There is an organization that might help you get your mind off things that are happening in your life: FCA. 

FCA stands for Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and it is a community of Christian athletes whose mission is to spread the love of God. FCA is not only for athletes, but for any Christian who wants to participate in a faith-based community at school. Shyann Gillespie, a senior at MCHS and a second year leader for FCA, said that “We want to show people the love of Christ and how much he loves everyone. We would love for anyone to attend and accept Christ into their lives, but we strive to help people want to know God.” They are accepting of anyone and everyone, no matter how much experience they have with Christianity, you do not have to be an athlete or a Christian. 

The environment at an FCA gathering is welcoming, and provides the opportunity to meet some supportive peers. They always have tasty snacks, live gospel music, a great message about Jesus and cap everything off with a fun game. Now, you might think that this sounds like a church; however, FCA is not exactly like going to church. In FCA, you will play games and do activities that will help you become a more Christ-like teammate and person. 

The events range from campfire night to the annual Christmas party. They even have FCA Olympics. “As soon as I started FCA, I loved it!” says MCHS sophomore and FCA leader Lexie Thomas. “I think you should join FCA because it is a life changing experience and will draw you much closer to God.” Kassie Guest who is a junior at MCHS, she has been a FCA leader since she was in middle school said, “We are looking forward to seeing everyone there and to provide y’all with the best time.” Please join them every Monday @7pm! They are excited to see everyone there.