Senior spotlight: Kaleigh Williams


Here at The Red and Grey, we thought it would be fitting to write our first Senior Spotlight on one of our very own: staff member Kaleigh Williams.

Kaleigh is a senior here at MCHS, and in addition to being a The Red and Gray staff member, she is also involved in the tech crew for a lot of theater shows. Her favorite class here at the high school is journalism or advanced protection. When I asked her who her favorite teacher is she said Ms. Gordon. Kaleigh said, “Ms. Gordon has taught me a lot about myself, the community, and how to help other people.” This year Kaleigh is looking forward to all of her lasts, wrapping up her senior year and making the most of what she has experienced over the last 4 years. Kaleigh enjoys helping others with their assignments and giving to people when they don’t have, or can’t do what they want. When asked about what her main goal in life is she said “To make other people happy and to be the best part of someone’s day because you never know what they are going through behind closed doors, also to make sure I live my life to the fullest.”

I then asked Kaleigh some questions about graduation. When asked what she thought about graduating, she said, “It’s definitely something that makes me scared and sad because moving on and growing up is something I don’t want to do and it scares me. High school has been a good experience for me, and I am so sad to move on.” One piece of advice she would give to the class of 2023 graduating next year is to “Make every moment count and do everything you want to do and do not give up on things easily. And do not give up on grades because grades do count and make the most of your time cause it goes fast. But most of all make memories.” She said she would also give this advice to freshmen. Kaleigh said Covid has definitely affected her high school experience since Covid she’s mostly been looking at a screen and has learned through a screen. It has made learning more difficult. She also feels that she has lost memories she could have made while being in a classroom. 

I then asked her some more questions about her high school experience. I first asked Kaleigh what is the worst thing about being a senior. She replied saying it was having to realize how fast it goes and regretting things she didn’t do in high school. She said one memory she will remember forever about her time here is “Definitely ‘Bright Star’ a musical my junior year of high school. That year I met a bunch of people, and it is definitely a memory I will keep forever. And I hope the shows this year will be the same way.” 

After high school, she plans to go to a tech school to become a nurse then transfer to a University to become a pediatrician. She said she believes that high school is preparing her for college. She added “It’s not really what I have learned, but more of what my teachers have taught me about life. And we have a really good system where the teachers are preparing you for college and after school. And we have a bunch of science that can help with going into the medical field.” Her dream college, which she plans to attend, is the University of North Georgia.