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Like a bird, Jay flys to his 1000th point


As we approach the end of the year of 2023, we also celebrate a big accomplishment made by a young athlete this last week. December 5th, 2023, Jay Carruth scored his thousandth point at the Madison County Red Raiders home court. While walking into the game may have just seemed like any other game to the other players, Carruth was eight points away from achieving one of the many accomplishments he would make in his life. While interviewing Carruth he explained how the accomplishment felt, his mindset/motivation, and spoke about the team bonds.
Carruth is a person who prides himself on his character, and as we interviewed him he explained how his ability to achieve his long-term goals allows him to be who he is today. Throughout every challenge he faced on and off the courts it only fueled him to go farther after the goals he set in place for himself. Specifically with his thousandth point on the Red Raider home court, he describes the sensational feeling as giving him chills when the reality set in. Furthermore Carruth explains, “It takes a lot of pressure off knowing I can score when I want to.” His dedication gives him a sense of pride and motivation which lifts him into each goal he’s placed upon himself. Although Carruth continues on to let us, as the audience, know this win couldn’t have happened without everyone connected to him and the team in general.
“If we don’t get the win we just go to practice and go harder,” is one of the many ways the basketball team kept everybody striving towards distinction. Additionally Carruth commented how each teammate supports each other, and the bond with the team is an experience that makes each practice worth it. This accomplishment isn’t just about him, but it’s about what happens when people come together with the motivation to achieve extraordinary things. It’s about the concept of never giving up, “Never give up and keep striving for whatever you believe you can achieve,” and about what happens when you’re uplifted in a healthy environment. Nevertheless there is one person in particular who Carruth believes was one of the most influential in terms of support, “My girlfriend because she keeps me level headed.” Having a supportive team and a supportive significant other is who he’d like to share this accomplishment with, because they never gave up on him. While also talking about his supporters, Carruth explains just like they won’t give up on him, he doesn’t plan on giving up on them anytime soon.
So though we leave many memories and accomplishments that we have acquired over the course of the year of 2023, the truth is that the memories won’t leave us. As Cesare Pavese said, “We do not remember days; we remember moments.” For Carruth scoring his thousandth point isn’t just a moment of feeling the sensation of being the first in Red Raider history to accomplish this achievement. Instead this moment will be filled with the love and support he had during the whole process. Whether it was the support from his girlfriend or his teammates, Carruth will remember this along with the memory of scoring his thousandth point. So as we leave 2023, we don’t leave the small or big moments that happened. Instead we carry them with us for the rest of our lives and they shape us into the person that we chose to become in the future.

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