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MC to host playoffs


While some of us may dive into the sunsets this upcoming Saturday, most of us will be cheering our Red Raider football team, as they have reached one of the biggest accomplishments of their career. Though the team has been around since 1909, this class of young student-athletes has proven something that many of us thought was unattainable. Thus concluding, our previous game against East Hall, Madison County, has been passed on the torch of hosting one of the state playoff games for 2023. So how has our team, including the members, prepared for this remarkable moment in the school’s history?

Head Coach, Chris Smith, has been known for leading the Raiders into several playoffs in the past, but it has a different feeling to host a state playoff game for the first time in Red Raiders History. Smith commented, “It’s a goal we’ve been pursuing for a long time.” He further divulged into the comment, by adding, “We’re going to be us and do things the way we do it and just continue to try and work and get better.” Though the Raiders have made a remarkable moment in history for themselves, the coaches don’t plan for it to get to the players’ heads. However, as we host the playoffs in our home stadium, does this mean anything different for the team? Assistant coach, Alan Rodemaker, stated, “We’re in front of our home crowd which we think we play better in front of our home crowd.” So could this outcome be beneficial for the team overall? 

Though we have heard from our coaches who have helped lead the young athletes to this phenomenal moment in our history, however, how are these young student-athletes taking this moment very vigorously? Senior Walker Simmons, center for the Madison County High School football team, explained, “It feels good, being able to make history, and being a part of that is a great feeling.” Simmons further divulged into explaining that though this is a big opportunity for him, and the team, he doesn’t plan on changing anything: “To me it’s just another football game.” He later clarified that though this may be a big success for him, and the rest of the team, this wonderful circumstance has helped him focus on the real objective at hand. 

Now, since the Raiders have accomplished their long-term goal, how does it feel to have successfully been granted the opportunity to host the playoffs? Player Justin Smith, defensive lineman and right tackle for the team, expresses, “It’s something, like everybody said, it’s been a goal for a while.” J. Smith further revealed that though he loves the opportunity that has been presented at hand, and though it can be challenging, since this a big moment in history for them, it is still a lot more enjoyable than the regular home games: “We haven’t ever really been used to doing stuff like this, so it always makes it a lot more enjoyable.” So though he has had the amazing opportunity to play in Madison County’s first hosted playoff game, just like Simmons, he doesn’t plan on letting this boost his ego too much.

The quarterback for the Red Raiders, Camden Smith, presented a monumental speech on the night of the playoff pep-rally this past Tuesday night. In his speech, he relished in the amount of gratitude, and thankfulness, he had for the supporters who helped support him and his teammates throughout the regular season. He further elucidated that though one team has already hosted a playoff, that to be able to host a state playoff has been a remarkable opportunity for him: “It feels good that we accomplished something that nobody else has.” Smith further explained that being in the state playoffs has, “…pushed us to go further than them.” However, in the end, this may be the motivation the team has been seeking for the past years, in order to make it this far in their career. 

Though this season was proven to have its ups and downs, the team never gave up, and was able to make a remarkable moment in history. Maybe it wasn’t as hard to get to the playoffs this season, but it doesn’t mean the players haven’t put their heart and soul into moments like this before. So as the players and coaches head into this Saturday night state playoff, the bond and brotherhood of the boys will be stronger than ever, as they will need it for the upcoming trials in the future.

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