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MCHS Trunk or Treat 2023

Keeping with this year’s uplifting theme of lively and entertaining social events making a comeback, MCHS hosted a Trunk or Treat last Thursday. The boisterous event was home to fun for all ages, with the clubs and communities of the Madison County School District all pitching in to ensure a fun time. A huge number of people turned out for the event. As a whole, the trunk or treat was a huge success for the entire county.

A variety of clubs turned out for the event. 

The various incarnations of Madison County’s cheer team went all out during this year’s trunk or treat, boasting five cars. With themes such as “Cheer to the Bone” and Toy Story, they gave candy to all of the patrons who desired such. The visitors could acquire this candy in various ways, such as through a game of hockey, soccer, or ring shooter. At some of the cheer cars, simply going up to the trunk would award you the candy you sought. 

Sources of Strength (with the Middle School chapter in attendance) led an impressive car, with their theme being bones. Sources of Strength is a club that strives to create a positive change in school culture, focusing on mental health in the most part. Their car was one of the most popular, with the spearhead of the space, Mr. Dykes, describing the event as having a great outpouring from the community, going on to say that this event sets up a great future for the community as a whole. 

Danielsville Elementary School made an appearance, with the theme of “Welcome to the Carnival”. The staff was very lively and happy to help with the event, giving it all more energy as a whole. The patrons of the event received all of the candy they could have ever wished for. The staff of the lot described the pleasant laughs that echoed throughout the area.

Skills USA, composed of health students, put on a lively trunk for the event, theming the space after the club itself. Supplying the populace with candy, the club gave great energy to the whole event. The staff of the space described the whole event as exciting.

The Improv Club’s trunk was truly impressive. With the theme being an improvised carnival, the students helping Mr. Orr really flaunted their improvisational skill with the events, games, and characters occupying the space. As the patrons encroached the space, they were greeted by Donkey Kong, played by Zac Elliott. Fully in character, the guests were informed on what games to visit, and where they could obtain the candy they so desperately desired. A couple of the ways to get candy there was attempting their balloon darts and knocking down the pins with the tennis balls. Each of these games were accompanied by a member of the improv club fully in character, showing their improv skills. If these games didn’t suit the average trunk or treater, however, they could visit Spider-Man at the very front for their share of candy. However, my personal favorite exhibit in the Improv Club’s section was Joey Teague’s Fortune Telling. Joey sat on his chair with the magic hat that allowed him to understand the fortune-telling horse beside him, giving the patrons of the trunk or treat their fortunes. Truly magical. I just so happened to get my fortune told to me by Joseph, and he revealed I would die young via a gas leak. So fun!

Anchor Club was one of the only trunks that was spearheaded by only students, with Jackson Bost at the head of the space. With their strong pumpkin theme, the events included the tossing out of sweets and cornhole into a jack-o’lantern. A great showing of leadership from the brave students who boast the anchor club title.

Beta Club’s appearance at the trunk or treat could not be forgotten about. With most likely the strongest space appearance-wise, their pumpkin patch and scarecrow theme was very aesthetically pleasing. Putting the kids head to head in games of giant tic-tac-toe was sure to produce hilarity, and such occurred. The giving out of candy and the tic tac toe contributed to a great night for the Beta Club.

National Honors Society (NHS) had a very eventful night, with one of the most popular spaces of the night. Being closest to the entrance may have also helped the onslaught of guests they endured. Their theme, being based on Edgar Allen Poe’s, The Raven showed great creativity. Mrs. Colalancia, one of the leaders of the stand, stated that the night was awesome, exclaiming how good of a time it was. Some of NHS’s plans for the remainder of the year are the anticipation of online tutoring via Google Meets, and more help going towards the elementary schools.

Voice of MC boasted one of the most popular themes of the night with Duck Dynasty. With Mr. Dykes leading the charge of this lot as well, the whole staff was lovely and provided a great experience for the guests in attendance.

The Yearbook Club and FBLA spaces were both led by one of the most valuable staff members at MCHS, Mrs. Coile. With the Yearbook having a Charlie Brown: The Great Pumpkin theme, they had a very lively section. FBLA supported a Monopoly theme, with the patrons being able to take pictures in the Monopoly jail picture booth. Mrs. Coile described the event as very family and kid-friendly and applauded it for its supreme community outreach. 

We thank our wonderful school for putting on these encouraging community events. We also thank Mrs. Valdez for doing the majority of the setting up for this event. She had this to say about the intended outcome of the event: “We are trying to bring back fun events for students to be part of. We are aware that before Covid-19 the school did more fun events, including Truck or Treat, so our goal is to bring back fun events like these for students to get involved in our community. Students participating in this event will be able to serve their community and earn their community service hours. I believe events like these can get students more active around our community and break the stigma of ‘serving the community is boring.’”

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