MCHS’s Dr. Christy Epps

MCHSs Dr. Christy Epps

Madison County High School has faced many changes in the administrative staff this year from Ms. Poss leaving to Coach Berryman becoming an assistant principal. However, the biggest change we faced was welcoming a new principal, Dr. Christy Epps.  We want to introduce Dr. Epps so that students can get to know her better.  

Dr. Epps graduated from Commerce High School and then the University of Georgia. Her undergraduate degree was in Exercise Physiology, but she quickly changed her major to Family and Consumer Sciences intending to become an assistant principal or principal during her career.   Dr. Epps taught Family and Consumer Sciences for one year and then returned to UGA for a Master’s in Educational Administration and Policy and then a Doctorate in Educational Leadership. She continued teaching while working on both her graduate degrees.  

Dr. Epps says that the students keep her motivated. Speaking about high school students she stated, “Your energy and your ideas! You keep me young. The world is at your fingertips right now, and seeing your bright future inspires me to work so you have the foundation you need to be successful.”  Reflecting upon her time at MCHS, Dr. Epps stated, “I’ve been most impressed with the amount of respect that every student has for their peers and the faculty and staff.” She has big ideas for the school, but her main goal is to build upon the positive school culture that has already been created. Dr. Epps shares, “More than anything, I want to create a school that has a positive climate and culture for not only the students but the teachers and all the faculty and staff so that when you come here, you feel supported… you feel supported to the point where you know you are going to be successful when you graduate.  I want it to be a place where everyone is excited to spend their day.” We also asked her if there were any challenges she has faced since she’s been here at MCHS, and this is what she gave us, “I think the biggest challenge is the simple fact that I am a new face here.”  She explained how it is challenging to “restart” and learn about the school and the students, faculty, and staff.  

Besides being a principal, Dr. Epps is a mother and a wife. Sometimes balancing her work schedule with her personal life can be a challenge, but she always manages to get both done.  She mentioned in the interview, “I would rather have 20 really good minutes with my family than to have 2 hours of no or limited interactions with my family.” She uses her drives to and from work to talk with her children rather than listening to music or talking on the phone. She takes advantage of every minute she has even if it is while doing the dishes; she laughs as she shares that this is a great time to call out math facts or spelling words! Parenting has provided Dr. Epps with insight into student personalities and has changed how she views decisions that must be made as an administrator.  She shares, “All students are different and all students need different resources and support to be successful.  The successful teacher and administrator recognize this and work with the student.”

All students are different and all students need different resources and support to be successful.  The successful teacher and administrator recognize this and work with the student.

— Dr. Epps

Dr. Epps enjoys being a mom and principal, but when she is not doing either of those, she enjoys running. She says, “I run. I love the run.  That is what I do to relieve stress. I love to be outside for a run – or even a walk.   I have been running for years, and that’s what I do.” When she was in high school, Dr. Epps ran track and cross country.  She was in both the concert and marching band; she played the clarinet. She took honors and AP classes and was in several student organizations, including FCCLA, BETA, and Y-Club. 

Dr. Epps and her family

Dr. Epps and her husband, Coach Epps, are both from Commerce. Dr. Epps shared that the hardest decision she and her husband ever made was deciding to move to Rome to work in Rome City Schools. The decision would take her and her family from their hometown, family, and friends.  But she decided to “take a leap of faith” and had an amazing opportunity to grow her career in Rome City Schools.  Dr. Epps challenges us to take a leap of faith as well, “Dream big! Dream big and know that your goals are worth the work and dedication.  Let’s see where you go Red Raiders!” 

Dr. Epps is thrilled to serve as Principal of Madison County High School this year.  She is very appreciative of the warm welcome that everyone has shown her. She ended with “I am proud to call myself a Red Raider!” 

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