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MCHS announces Homecoming representatives

Madison County High School announced our 2023 Homecoming Court Friday before last. The announcement shocked many but also left several heart broken. This year’s senior representatives are Ziya Parks, Erika Hull, Carmen Denova Antonio, Addison Peeples, and Tink Reid (girls), and Cedric Bolton, Kaleb Andrews, Elijah Hancock, Adam Martinez, and Zachary Esters (boys). The junior representatives include Deyanna Smith, Liberty English, Dadrian Kummero, and Sarah Paige Clifton (girls), and Brooks Bradberry, Carson Craig, Jamin Camacho-Lozano, and Marcus Hughes (boys). Sophomores voted for Makiah Richardson, Kaleea Kelley, and Brooklyn Higgins (girls), and Isaiah Polk-Harris, Hank Hanley, and Cameron Rice (boys). BeYana Barnett and Emily Wall were voted for the freshman girls and Noah Crane and Christian Shelton for freshman boys. Voting for the King, Queen, Prince, and Princess will be in the following weeks.

Every student has different motivations for running to be on court. For example, Clifton ran her junior year because she “thought it would be a fun experience”; meanwhile, Parks was most interested in “walking on the field” her senior year. Being voted to represent your entire class is a huge honor and will be remembered by these students for the rest of their lives. 

Being on court can come with many different feelings, yet all the representatives feel positively about it this year. Rice, a repeating candidate, says that he “feel[s] pretty good about being on court,” and that he’s “really glad to have been picked.” With the chance of being the prince again Rice is delighted to have been picked. Parks, a candidate for homecoming queen, says that she is a little overwhelmed with “[having] to prepare for a parade” on top of “buying [her] dresses”. The parade is a new addition for the homecoming court nominees and the student body. 

Homecoming court representatives are arguably very excited to be on court. They all seem to have different things they are looking forward to. Candidate Crane says that he is looking forward to “being able to spend time and better get to know [his] other candidates.” Although it is a little bit competitive for candidates, Crane would like to get to know the fellow students. Candidates are also looking forward to seeing their family. Queen candidate Parks says that she is “most looking forward to walking on the field with [her] dad,” while Rice says that she is “looking forward to seeing [her] family in the stands.” Being on homecoming court is not just exciting for them but it is also exciting for their families.

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