Review: Wrong Side of the Tracks


Have you ever experienced a time in your life when you were not that fortunate? It may have been a very hard time for you and it is possible that you even struggled at times. Life is hard and It is okay to struggle sometimes. Everyone has difficulty here and there as we are not and will never be perfect. But that is how we learn and that is what living is all about. 

Released in the year 2021, Netflix series Wrong Side of the Tracks (Entrevías) is a Spanish crime series centering around a tough Spanish war hero seeking to help his teenage granddaughter. The kickoff of the show takes place when Tirso Abantos (Jose Coronado), who is sleeping in his apartment, hears an argument and a gunshot from outside of his window. With concern, he calls the emergency line three different times to come and check it out, but they never show up. Tirso owns a hardware store in the Madrid neighborhood of Entrevías. He is tired of watching drug dealers and thugs take over his neighborhood. On top of that, his rebellious granddaughter Irene (Nona Sobo) drops out of college and begins dating a young Latin American gangster named Nelson (Felipe Londoño). Irene’s wealthy, dysfunctional mother (Marios Molina) is fed up with her disappointing behavior and is more than willing to write her off.  However, Tirso is not, and is using tough love to straighten her out. It is only a matter of time before he finds out that Irene is in a lot of trouble with local drug kingpin Sandro (Franky Martin), and Tirso finds himself dealing with the corrupt Detective Ezequiel Fandiño (Luis Zahera).

This gritty series offers a solid storyline filled with criminal elements, corruption, and revenge. However, Wrong Side of the Tracks is more of a drama than it is an action-series. It spends a lot of time focusing on the love-hate relationship between Tirso Abantos and his granddaughter. Some viewers may find this to be tiresome after a while, especially given how unlikable they both can be. But this is also the reason that some may find it interesting to a point where they want to keep watching. So far there are only two seasons of this series available on Netflix, as the second season was recently released on March 1st, 2023. While the first season of Wrong Side Of The Tracks had more of a purpose to the story, season two is more freeform in plot. The somewhat tight story that was put together for the first season expands in scope.

Tirso takes on any and all gangs in the neighborhood, instead of just making sure Irene is safe. Nelson and his new girlfriend Nata, are trying to take over the neighborhood with a big supply provided by a mysterious trafficker named “Ghost.” Ezequiel is trying to buy his freedom by infiltrating Nata’s gang. And Irene, who appreciates what her grandfather did for her by having her live under his strict rules, will be involved with Nelson in a way that will likely set against both her mother and Tirso.

Not to be a spoiler of too much of this drama, but there are several surprises to encounter. It is highly recommended as it is the only way to find out the rest of the chaotic plot. 

At the time of writing, Wrong Side of the Tracks has been renewed for a third season. The release date is still unknown, but it could make its appearance at any time now. So, for those of you who have not already, you may want to start watching now!