Review: In the Dark


Do you ever have that free time in your life where you want something to watch, but you have no clue what? Trust me, I know. It can become very frustrating sometimes, but we’ve all been there multiple times. Hopefully this review will help prevent you from suffering during that next free time. If you are interested in crime dramas and mysteries, then I have just the show for you to check out.

“In the Dark” on Netflix, tells the story of Murphy Mason, a blind woman in her twenties with a myriad of issues. Murphy makes it clear that she is uninterested in her life. Despite the inconvenience of her being blind, she still drinks, smokes, sleeps around, and does not care about anything. She is barely even a fan of her guide dog, Pretzel. Murphy has a job at the guide dog training school which is owned by her parents. Instead of going to work, Murphy chooses to sleep through the day most of the time. She also likes to hang out in the alley with her 17 year old friend, Tyson, during her smoke breaks. Murphy bonded to Tyson after he helped save her from being mugged by a stranger. Because of his kind action, she thinks that Tyson is a good person, but little does she know that he is dealing drugs for his older cousin Darnell.

One night when Murphy goes into the alley looking for Tyson, she stumbles on a body. After feeling the body’s face, Murphy is convinced that it is indeed Tyson, whose face she felt a day before. Before anyone is able to confirm the identity, the body vanishes, leaving Murphy the only witness to the crime. After the police deny her claim, she decides to take things into her own hands and starts her own investigation. Even though she is disabled, she is determined to focus on finding out what happened to her friend. With the help of her roommate Jess, some friends, and a few others, Murphy tries to find proof of Tyson’s death, and find his killer. Throughout her endless journey, the main character does whatever she has to do to get closer to solving the mystery, no matter what the situation may be. The problem is though, that she doesn’t realize that those actions are only putting her and everyone who is helping her in danger.

People who go blind usually lose their visual memory after seven years. As for Murphy, the only visual memory she has left was of her and Jess when they were younger, at the skating rink for her birthday. Speaking of, she is completely clueless of her very own appearance. She does know that men find her attractive, which she takes advantage of to get what she wants. She assumes that it is just a one time thing after meeting a new guy, Max, but he falls in love with her and she agrees to try to be in a relationship for the first time. Max is a Food Truck owner who cleans money for Darnell’s illegal drug operations; unbeknownst to Darnell, he was a police informant. After continuously pushing Max away because she does not feel comfortable, Murphy hooks up with another guy, Josh Wallace. Josh is an IRS-CI special agent. He has no idea that Murphy is only using him to get as much information as she can about drug dealer Nia Bailey, who should be held responsible for Tyson’s death. Murphy leaves Josh heartbroken after ending it with him and realizing he had been used. This convinces him to believe that Murphy is the one he has been in search for; the one who killed Nia Bailey. 

Through all of the illegal activities that Murphy and her friends take part in, they have to stay on the low to prevent getting caught. Even though they do end up finding Tyson’s killer, it does not stop Murphy from trying to get revenge for her friends. She continues to move from case to case until she gets to the bottom of it all. With her refusal to give up, she becomes responsible for Jess’s death. Some time after, she is also the reason for the love of her life’s death, Max, in an attempt to take down the primary source of the drug dealing. Murphy seeks revenge after Max’s murder, and she stops at nothing to get it despite Felix’s efforts to rethink her decision.