Advice – week of Feb. 20


Be sure to check out the advice flyers around the school. If you have a query, just scan the QR code and ask our staff (anonymously). Here is our latest batch of advice:

What should I do if my friend keeps bailing out on me? She keeps telling me she’s going to come to things with me, but then she bails. She even bailed on my birthday. But she always has time for her boyfriend. I don’t know how to handle this.

I 100% know this struggle and feeling, but what I would try and do first is talk to her. Simply tell her what she has been doing that upsets you. Yes, it’s fair to be in a relationship and want to see their partner, but for a healthy relationship, both partners should still have time to themselves and with their other friends. As hard as it is, if your friend can’t listen to your feelings and keeps doing what she is, it’s time to move on with that friend. It´ll be the best for you in the end. 

What are some tips for getting better sleep? I can never seem to sleep at night, and then I’m tired all day.

Obviously there’s melatonin you can take, but if that starts to not work I highly suggest doing different meditations, you could easily find them on YouTube. Also something easy you could find on YouTube would be trying yoga. There’s many different types and different instructors you can find for whatever you prefer. 

How can I be better organized with school? Everything is such a mess.

One, have an organized book bag and binders, and speaking of binders, clean papers that you don’t need anymore out. 

How can I stay calm in annoying situations? Some people just make me so irritated.

Especially with school, this is a huge struggle. Including me, but any time there’s an annoying person or situation you mostly just need to remind yourself to breathe (I recommend 2-4-6 method) and that it’s almost over with. Another thing to do is leave the area you’re in for a few minutes, like if it’s at school take a few minutes in the hall to calm down, small things like that go a long way. 

Why do I get attached to people so easily? I feel like I’m just setting myself up to be hurt.

A lot of the time when people get attached to someone it has to deal with people or situations that happened in the past. Such as if you felt you weren’t accepted or understood by anyone before now. Being attached to someone doesn’t always have to end up being unhealthy, but some ways to stop it happening now or in the future would be in the beginning of the relationship, avoid investing too much into it and also avoid talking about the future of the relationship, just let it be. Another thing would be setting boundaries, don’t be too open in the beginning, let it be told whenever you are both comfortable, don’t let it be rushed. Lastly, be clear on what you both need in a relationship and if something isn’t feasible, either communicate about it and work up to that point where it would be feasible or go ahead and end things and wish each other the best. 

Which is superior: waffles or pancakes?

Waffles. 100%. Especially Homestyle Eggo waffles.