Poems from 329: Part 2


“Poems from 329” is a series of poetry written by our very own Noah Braswell. One of the cool things about a class like Journalism is that you get to be creative and experimental with your writing, often focusing on things that you would not otherwise be able to write about in a typical English class. Braswell decided to use this as an opportunity to hone his poetry skills. Here is the second piece in this series:

The Choice
Some say that a beast lives in all
I believe that we can be a monster or a hero
And it’s not chosen for us, we choose

We choose to be the good or the evil
We choose to stand or fall
We choose to be wonderful or destructive

I think that we choose to be
To be someone’s hero or
To be someone’s nightmare
To be someone’s life or
To be someone’s death

The choice we make can be a hope
Or a nightmare

But when we do good, we shrink the monster
We make the evil that lives inside us go down
The choice to do good builds the hero inside us
It makes us better
And it locks away the monster

Will you be the hero or
The monster
That’s The choice