Winter fashion: Since we have six more weeks, we might as well dress cute

From hot to cold, short skirts to long skirts, shorts to pants, jackets to coats, well you guys get my point. The transition from Fall fashion to Winter fashion is finally here. Many people around the world believe seasonal fashion is just about wearing warmer clothes or fewer clothes to stay cool, but it is way more than just clothes.    

      Transitioning into Fashion trends includes different colors, fabrics, accessories, shoes, etc. A lot of clothing items/trends in the Wintertime include fuzzy coats, puffer coats, leather clothing, knitwear, oversized clothing, and of course for the Holidays, we have our Christmas sweaters. It’s important to have items to keep you warm and cozy, but believe it or not, there are also Winter colors to style those trends with. A lot of people agree that Darker colors such as black, burgundy, charcoal, shades of brown, greens, and obviously the Christmas colors, red, green, and blues. Darker colors, etc. A lot of darker colored clothing items keep you warmer while it’s cold outside. Other than colors and trending items, we have different types of fabrics. I feel like people don’t pay much attention to how much only the fabric of clothing can do to your outfit, or how many fabrics there actually are out there. For Winter, popular fabrics would be wool, silk, polyester, nylon, down, and others.

    Fabric also comes in handy with certain weather, especially Winter time. For example, wool is able to keep you warm in the coldest weather. Wool is also great for active wear since it is able to wick the sweat, so it makes a great choice for outdoor clothing, the fabric silk is also very similar to wool. Down is also an amazing fabric, usually clothing that has down fabric will have a waterproof layer which will be insulated, puffer jackets usually have down fabric. With nylon, it will not particularly keep you as warm as others can, but it will keep you extremely dry from the rain (or snow)! Personally, my favorite fabrics include cotton, suede, silk, down, leather, polyester, and fur. 

Last but not least, accessories. The change of hats, change of neck/face wear, even your iPhone accessories. Some people, including me, believe that the best winter accessories would include beanies, scarves, gloves, leg warmers, earmuffs, and even headphones. A lot of these items mainly keep the extra parts of your body that are not covered by clothes, warm.

Personally, the change in fashion while the seasons are changing is my favorite time of year. Being able to see how many styles someone can come up with by just choosing it by the weather is fascinating to me.