Poems from 329: Part 1


“Poems from 329” is a series of poetry written by our very own Noah Braswell. One of the cool things about a class like Journalism is that you get to be creative and experimental with your writing, often focusing on things that you would not otherwise be able to write about in a typical English class. Braswell decided to use this as an opportunity to hone his poetry skills. Here is the first piece in this series:


Christmas is a happy time for most
The joy of being a host
Or simply the fof in seeing the people you love
Christmas, as pure as a dove
We all love Christmas, but why? 
Is it the joy we get when opening a gift and saying oh my
Or is it the food
I truly think its the mood
The feeling it gives us, the shared feeling of being together
The feeling of knowing it won’t last forever
But it doesn’t have too. 
It puts a feeling of love and Hope in your heart
Knowing your savior is alive and knowing that you are all loved, 
It makes people feel hope for the future 
It’s what we call Christmas!