Zodiac signs as Thanksgiving dishes


When one thinks about the Zodiac, food may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, with the upcoming holiday season, food is on everyone’s mind. Ever wondered what dish you would be? Take a look below!

AriesDeviled Eggs

Starting off strong, the most impatient sign absolutely gets the easiest food to make. Everybody will be getting a piece and they are going to love it. Moreover, they are overpowering every other sign on the dinner table because you are going to know if someone is eating one.

TaurusYeast Rolls

Underrated and tasty, rolls are going to be Taurus. Besides the boringness, these side items will fill you up, much like the dependable sign. They pair well with mashed potatoes (Cancer)  as well.

GeminiGreen Bean Casserole

The infamous casserole has to belong to the infamous sign of Gemini. It is definitely an acquired taste. Not many people are going to be a fan, and I am not quite sure why because I find them very likable.

CancerMashed Potatoes

Even though mashed potatoes are my favorite dish, Cancer is not my favorite sign. I have to admit that it fits because the delicious side entrée is thick and filling. It is also the most comforting and nice part of your plate. 


Leo has always been the star of the show. It easily takes the spot for the main course as they will always be at the center of the attention, even at dinner. Additionally, they are always going to be hot.


I chose Virgo for corn because, honestly, who’s bringing a bowl of corn to the table? Probably the most healthy option on the plate, it has to go to the most practical and boring sign.


Libra is the second option next to turkey. Overshadowed by Leo, they are under appreciated and should absolutely be the main course instead. It has the most flavor and is enjoyed by many people.

ScorpioCollard Greens

Scorpio fits a very mature palate, similar to this side dish. I chose it because it is bitter and you will not find the kids eating this. They are only for tasteful people and I will always be a fan.

SagittariusSweet Tea

The sign with the most chill has to be one of the most important parts of Thanksgiving dinner, the sweet tea. Can you even enjoy the meal without a sip of this tasty beverage? It is not necessarily the center of attention, but everyone would miss it if it weren’t there.


Like the old and traditional soul Capricorn is, the stuffing takes this spot. It is literally just seasoned bread, but everyone lets it slide. It is tragic that I happen to be one myself, but it only fits due to the practical and simple nature of the sign.

AquariusCranberry Sauce

Though it’s not everybody’s favorite pick, only tasteful individuals will indulge in a conversation with an Aquarius, and it will definitely be interesting. They are also cold, sour, and weird. (like the taste because I’m not really a fan)

PiscesPumpkin Pie

The last sign of the zodiac, Pisces, will be taking the spot for the most indulgent part of thanksgiving dinner. After stuffing your stomach with many courses, only the ones with seasonal depression will be taking part in dessert.