Teacher profile: Tyler Berryman


Here at Madison County High School, our teachers work very hard to ensure that our students are educated properly while being safe and having fun at the same time. Our Madison County High School history teacher, Tyler Berryman, was nominated to be the teacher of the month for August, earlier this year. For anyone who does not know him, Berryman is one of the coolest history teachers at our school. Berryman is a very busy man who loves to talk and have fun in his classroom, but he is also very serious when it comes to his job and making sure business is being done. He is definitely a teacher that you can count on and talk to whenever you are in need of help. 

Berryman has come from a very tough childhood and does not tolerate any disrespect or misbehavior. In fact, Berryman says that he “became a teacher because it was a chance to give back what was given to me: A chance. A chance to overcome the hardships of life growing up. A chance to be better.” He grew up in a single-parent home in poverty. He also spent many nights at the plant his dad worked at, on a wooden pallet, because he was taking extra shifts at work so they could potentially live a better life than he himself had. Many of his teachers at school (shout out to Coach Haynes) encouraged him to do better and showed grace to him when he needed it, but disciplined him when he needed the extra love because they cared for him too much to let him act out and fail. Berryman says that the benefits and having the same schedule with his own kids are awesome too. His favorite part about teaching is watching students have fun and succeed. He enjoys seeing the smiling faces in addition to getting to spend time with student-athletes after school as well. Thinking back to how he grew up, Berryman states that “some kids have it much worse than I ever did.” He wants all students to be successful in their own way. Giving some grace and not drawing a hard line in the sand has been his biggest change over the years.

You can learn a lot from history. It’s a story and we all have one. We learn from other people’s stories.”

— Tyler Berryman

History is the study of everything human beings have done in the past, individually and collectively. Berryman mentioned that “history just happens to be my favorite subject. You can learn a lot from history. It’s a story and we all have one. We learn from other people’s stories.” He also enjoys the subjects of math and science as well. His favorite part of history is getting to tell the story. There are some great stories to tell, and some are really funny.  Getting to make connections with historical events is another great part. With this being a social science, he really strives to teach students that opinions are okay to have.  Berryman believes we all have a right to an opinion but at the end of the day, he feels that it is my job not to tell kids what to think but to give them the ability to think for themselves. 

All in all, we would like to congratulate Berryman for winning teacher of the month earlier this year. He is a very hardworking, dedicated educator and we are extremely lucky to have him at our school. We appreciate all that you do for us here at MCHS. Continue to do what you do best. You definitely deserved this! We love you, and once again, congratulations!