Album review: It’s Only Me


On Oct. 14, 2022, the rapper Lil Baby released his new album It’s Only Me. Baby made sure to not only speak his truth, but he made sure to give life lessons throughout every song he published. 

Every song on the album had a different flow to it. For example, in his song “Forever” featuring Friday, you would not have expected Baby to say the things he did. It is not always common for him to speak about relationships, but he got everyone to connect in their own way to what he was saying. If you have ever been in love and missed a person who you no longer converse with, you would understand. Also, right after the song dropped, there were many TikToks already relating to Baby’s first verse on the song.

Lil Baby does not only surprise his listeners with what he says, but he speaks on his image a lot. Baby wanted everyone to not just see him as a rapper but as someone who did not start off with much. On the song “Real Spill” baby stated, “But I’m bigger now, I can go to dinner with Corey Gamble and Miss Jenner now.” He was not trying to sound conceited; he just wanted people to grasp the fact that now he has the chance to sit with people whom he once looked up to.

Baby has a way with his words and knows how to engage his listeners. When I first heard the album, my first thought was “There is nobody out here compared to Baby. Period.” The more you listen to him the more you feel connected to him. His music is not just about violence, drugs, and things of that nature. He is a lyricist who knows how to empathize with others. Baby is bigger than he is portrayed, and hopefully after reading this you take the chance to listen to his intellectual album It’s Only Me!