Student Council food drive


Madison County High School holds its own food drive every year. It is put on by the student council. They collect food and give it to the Madison county food bank. The student council organizes the event, yet they need the help of the teachers to collect the food over the course of the drive. The drive only lasts till the end of the 1st semester, so we need everyone’s help to donate food. The food drive has been around for a little while at MCHS. Last year the student council got around 600 cans for the food drive. This is a lot of cans, but we would like to get more. The cans go to the food bank and from there they go to families in Madison county who need food. Supporting this is supporting Madison county as well as a cause bigger than yourself. All you have to do is donate a can that is not expired. Many will benefit from your hospitality and generosity. This doesn’t just help the food bank, it also helps support your own Madison County Student Council. The food drive was started a little while back and from there it has grown and become a big help to the community as well as the less fortunate. The food drive is a way of giving back to the community and supporting your county.

Mr. Mangan and Dr. Axon just recently took on the role of Student council and they would like the help of the students at MCHS. Mr. Mangan said “I’ve only just joined with student council, but I’m really excited about the students that we have in the organization already and would love to have any students interested in making our school and our community a better place to join us!”. The student council is a place for anyone who wants to make MCHS better. If you enjoy supporting the school and helping others, then maybe the student council is the perfect place for you. 

MCHS Student Council, as well as, MCHS Red and Gray Journalism class are asking you to help this county that we all go to school in, and support the Madison county High School food drive. Give back to the community that is giving you an education.