What to do over Fall break


Fall is finally here! After what felt like an eternity of bolstering hot days and nights, the season has finally changed. And telling by the 50 degree weather outside as this is being written, the weather is changing on schedule. In addition to it finally being cooler, however, we, for the first time, have a full week of Fall break! While this is exciting, I am sure many people are wondering, “What am I supposed to do with a full week of free time?” Unless you have work… Good luck with that. Regardless — Fear not! The Red and Grey has you covered with a few fun, interesting and just calming activities to fill your Fall break. 

Make that first cup of hot chocolate, and just curl up in a nice blanket and watch some Autumnal movies/videos/shows

Starting off with one that is just plain calming and will warm you and your soul right up. We all have those memories, right? Sitting down in a comfy spot with some fresh hot chocolate (sorry to the lactose intolerant folks–me included), maybe putting in a DVD, or turning on your preferred streaming service, and putting on your favorite Fall/Halloween movie. Curling up in a nice warm blanket as the intro starts playing. For some people, this alone will last the whole Fall break. The sheer serenity of watching an old movie probably older than yourself is something everyone should experience at least once. However, for the more energetic, this simply will not do. Well, we do not want you to feel left out, so there are plenty of things fit for you too!

Put on your sweaters, coats, hoodies, whatever your preference of warm clothing is, and go take a nice nature walk (or jog/run)

As the flowers stop blooming, the trees stop getting greener, and the grass stops growing (every father’s favorite part of the season), nature emerges with a new kind of beauty. While the sun and greenery is wonderful to look at, so is the other side of that cycle. Many people even prefer it when the leaves turn many different matte colors, and no one should blame them. It is amazing all the same. If you just go outside and walk around the neighborhood, I am sure you will understand (if not already). The grey skies and the colorful leaves give a special kind of happiness to those who love Fall. It is a great sign of the colder weather to come. Regardless of your preference between hot and cold, it is guaranteed you will enjoy the nice Fall scenery. Maybe you will spot some cool birds (unlikely compared to Summer, but still). But if scenery also is not your thing, do not fret, there is still more! 

Go to a pumpkin patch, get yourself a pumpkin, and decorate for Halloween

Fall break just so happens to be placed on the same week of October, and you know what that means for America. It is Halloween season. So to commemorate this, go out to a pumpkin patch (or a grocery store if you are less cool), find a nice pumpkin, bring it home, and begin your Halloween decorating! Put the fake spiderwebs on the walls, put up the purple and orange lights, get out your hanging skeletons and lawn ornaments, and get your house/apartment ready for that Oct. 31. However, I advise not cutting the pumpkin until closer to Halloween or it will rot. Besides that, get into the holiday season feeling, and get your abode to match that. If you are not a big Halloween fan, there are always other things for you to do.

Hang out with some friends or family

It is the holiday season, as mentioned before, and everyone knows the most important part of it is spending time with the ones you love. Plus, there is no school. So invite some friends over. Play some games with your family. Go out for dinner. Whatever strikes your fancy, do it with others. It will almost always improve the experience tenfold. Memories are best when shared, and it feels even further enhanced around the holidays. And hey, while you are at it, go buy your Halloween costume too. It will save you some time. When you are all exhausted from that, if you need something nice and quiet, then the next activity is just for you.

Bake some fall-themed treats

Now, given that you have gone and gotten your groceries already, you can make some nice sugary foods for yourself to relax and eat. Get some of those little sugar cookies everyone adores, stick them in your oven, and just relax and wait for them to be done. If you are more advanced, maybe even make some pies or cakes or cupcakes that are themed around the season. A pumpkin pie, some pumpkin spice flavored cupcakes, it is all up to you. If baking is not your forte, and you have got some energy in you, the final activity, a fan favorite, will be just right.

Go to a haunted house 

Topping off the list, it is not like I have to remind you that it is Halloween time. A favorite activity of many to do, though, is haunted houses! And you are right on time. Most (if not all) have opened up for business in their prime season, ready to make you scream. Try some of the local haunted houses, and a good time is promised (unless your response to fear is… less than ideal). If you are not into that, just make a stop to Spirit Halloween. I know it is not on the list, but to break the article wall, you should go if you love Halloween. It is a lot of fun for all ages and sizes.

In sum, surely one of the activities on this list is right for you. Whether you like Halloween, sitting at the house doing close to nothing, or being out and about. The Fall season is for everyone. Just make sure you are having fun. Do not forget to be safe, too. The dark is fun, but can be dangerous. All in all, have a great Fall break!