Advice Column, Sept. 29


Bray Ruff and Emma Carter

Q: This isn’t exactly advice for me, but why isn’t the Red Zone open more often? 

A: A lot of the time the red zone is not open because Ms. Nations is absent, which would automatically close the red zone for the day. The Red Zone is also ran by students in Ms. Nation’s class and students in Work-Based Learning. This causes a short staff which only allows a few periods per day. 

Q: I have to work with a person I really do not like. She’s honestly kind of a bigot and not terribly respectful of other people. Literally no one likes her. The bosses know, but can’t/won’t do anything about it because she hasn’t crossed any real lines yet. It would be unprofessional for me to treat her the way I truly want to. What should I do?

A: We would definitely stay away from that person, even though it is frustrating that the bosses don’t take it seriously. It’s not worth the risk of being unprofessional and maybe losing your  job. All that is important is that you and others know what they are doing wrong and you are not involved. Another thing that we would recommend is to be respectful, but also use that as a teaching moment. Use their words to point out the hatred they are putting out. But instead of just pointing them out, explain why it could be damaging or hurtful. 

Q: How can I be more motivated? It’s just so hard. 

A:  Try to have new goals each week (Sunday or Monday) and try to complete them by  Friday, even if it’s just something small like keeping your room clean. You can also keep “to do” lists and a planner. Set a series of rewards for when you meet your goals. Motivation is definitely something a lot of us struggle with, and there isn’t a solution that’s right for everyone. 

Q: How can you deal with toxic siblings? 

A: This is a topic that hits very close to some of our staff member’s hearts. Even though it’s difficult, don’t fight too hard to fix your relationship. At the moment they probably just need space. Also, try to set boundaries with them; meaning even if there is space between you, don’t let them run all over you. You ultimately have to realize what is best for you. You deserve to be in an environment where you feel loved, accepted, and supported. If they are not giving that to you, they do not deserve to be a part of your amazing life.