Beauty by Griselda: High school student and entrepreneur


Starting a business is a challenge someone has to be brave enough to face. Starting a business as a high schooler, while having all the other responsibilities of a teenager, can be even more taxing. Griselda Cervantes, a senior at Madison County High School, is a self-made makeup artist and lash technician. She discovered her love for make-up in 2019, and said she would stay up all night perfecting her looks. 

After practicing looks on herself, she eventually began doing makeup for other people. Once she improved her work, she started booking clients on weekends. Cervantes then made an Instagram account, @beautybygriselda, to grow her business and create a self-portfolio of her progress. If you are interested, go give her a follow. 

As her business started growing, she took classes to become a certified lash technician. We all know lashes and brows are all the rage now and allow Cervantes to expand her client base substantially. Now she specializes in lash extensions, lash lifts, brow laminations – and of course makeup. 

Cervantes says, “I started what is now Beauty by Griselda in July of 2019. I specialize in Makeup, Lash Extensions, Lash Lifts, and Brow Laminations. In 2019, I had a passion for makeup, and I would actually pull all-nighters during the summer to do different eyeshadow looks. So II made an account on Instagram to have a self-portfolio of my progress. Eventually, I started practicing makeup on other people. When I saw improvement, I started booking clients on the weekends.” 

We cannot wait to see how her business grows even more from here. Keep an eye out for her Insta pics.