The Hilltopper staff: Our top of the line editors


Towards the end of the year, we are all excited to get our yearbooks, get them signed, and see everyone we know in the columns. But we never truly look at the hard work and dedication put into the yearbooks. Have you ever seen the layouts and the focuses designs? What about the many pages put into sports and clubs? What goes into making the yearbook? There is a lot of hard work put into the yearbook. Many students take their own time making and perfecting the yearbook that all of us love. Most people do not know that the yearbook is made by students. Contrary to all the hard work there are sometimes mistakes and spelling errors that slip by, but think of how much dedication was put into it. While all of the yearbook staff are hard working, I got the pleasure of talking to the four women who are the editors of the 2022-2023 yearbook, since these women frequently go unrecognized. These ladies are also in charge of  the theme and page designs. Due to the point that the editors all have different perspectives, we have a yearbook that can be loved by all. I am very grateful for getting to know all that they do and what they enjoy about the yearbook. 

This year we have two seniors and two juniors as yearbook editors. One of the senior editors is Stephanie Martin. Stephanie started yearbook in 2021. She “likes to be depend on by others as an editor.” Too Stephanie yearbook means “commitment.” In yearbook you have to “dedicate yourself not only to your page, but the whole book.” Stephanie loves being in yearbook, “it gives you the opportunity to make new friends, and get to know people”. Stephanie describes herself as “Strong” due to the fact that she doesn’t “let things get to her easily.” Some of the real life skills that Stephanie learned are “talking to others, and getting what you need to do in a timely manner.” As an editor there is a lot that needs to be done. Some of the most important things are “prepare themes, making layouts, and making sure pages get done correctly. They also help the other yearbook staff who need it.” Stephanie is very passionate about the yearbook. 

The other amazing senior is Morgan Cowart. Morgan has been in yearbook sense 2019. She enjoys “being an editor, it allows her to help the staff, and come up with new ideas for the yearbook.” Yearbook is a big part of her life. To Morgan, yearbook means “becoming a better writer, and student.” Morgan is “Dependable” due to the fact that no “matter the situation she will help anyone that needs it.” This being the last year in yearbook Morgan wants to use  “the communication skills that she gained from the yearbook class.” She is the “copy editor for the yearbook”  basically it means that she “helps the staff write, and then she reviews their work.” Morgan “loves being in yearbook because it has helped her be more social with others.” After talking to Morgan she said that “Mrs. Coile is the all time best teacher.” I can tell that Morgan loves the yearbook, the class, and the teacher very much.

Jacky Antunez is a junior who has been in yearbook sense 2020. To Jacky yearbook is “beyond a class, it is a small family, group of friends where we get the opportunity to know each other while having fun beyond journalism and photography.” There is a lot that the yearbook editors do, Jacky’s favorite thing as an editor is “having the opportunity to develop the design of the yearbook and help the staff members.” There is a lot of fun and love that goes into the yearbook. As an editor Jacky will have to help “develop the theme, and design for the Yearbook. She will be also be one of the ones that are in charge of checking the writing, and spelling of names on each page the staff members write.” Jacky “loves to be on the yearbook staff.” Jacky is a very kind and devoted editor. Jacky has a very bright future. 

Abigail Ledford is a junior who has been in yearbook sense 2020. To Abigail yearbook means “showing her what she am capable of doing and it helped her meet new people.” Her favorite part of being an editor is “getting to know everyone.” What Abigail sees being an editor as “preparing  the yearbook so the staff can start working and putting the pictures together. The Editors basically design the whole book.” Abigail describes herself as “Dependable” due to the fact that “no matter the situation she will help anyone that needs it.” Abigail wants to use her skills from yearbook is “Everything I learned in yearbook will help me become a better writer and just talking to strangers.” Abigail loves being in yearbook. 

All yearbook editors do a lot of work. There is a ton of pressure and responsibility added to the people who are choosing as an yearbook editors. With the four editors they all have responsibilities and all work together and work as one. All yearbook staff look to the editors for advice and guidance. Being an editor is hard work. When you see your 2022-23 yearbook editors make sure you give them a thanks and remember when looking at the 2022-23 yearbook think of all the hard work put in. The yearbook staff is very grateful for the yearbook editors and all they do.