Dressing to impress: Fashion as a form of expression


With school starting back up, people are taking the phrase “Dress to Impress” to the next level.  With only two weeks into the school year, many people have worn colorful pants, unique accessories, color-block shoes, color-coded outfits, and so much more that can instantly catch your eye. A lot of people follow the latest trend, but some students stay unique to themselves and have their fashion sense such as Blakeley Kelley, a senior at Madison County High School. 

With popular fashion fads, a lot of the time you want to “fit in” with everyone else, not wanting to go out of your comfort zone, but not all people. Blakeley states “I typically go for a more unique look instead of trendy because I despise looking the same as everyone else. The uniqueness of how I look gives me the most confidence.” She follows by saying “What inspires [her] the most for [her] outfits is the 70s-90s styles.  [she doesn’t] always dress this way but when [she] does, [she] goes all out.” She states she usually tries to make everything match and “by the end that’s what makes [her] outfits well.”

When you go out, even if it is just to go get a coffee or go to school, people like to impress others. One way to do that is through fashion. Blakeley states, “I  find that dressing up and making myself look good always makes my day better and lifts my mood.” Even just dressing for yourself boosts confidence. But what else comes along with fashion besides clothes? Blakeley loves using different accessories to make her outfits stand out more, as she says, “I always use accessories. They are a must for every outfit. It doesn’t have to be a lot, usually, a simple necklace and earrings will do. You could also use belts, headbands, bracelets, jackets, even extra makeup could be used as an accessory.” As you can see, there is no limit to the fashion world.

In the fashion world, most people use outfits to express themselves or to show who they are and Blakeley is a perfect example saying, “I think my style does represent my personality. I’m not good at expressing myself with words sometimes and dressing up in different outfits helps me a lot. I am very grateful to have the resources and ability to dress how I want.” Even if it’s a different mood every day, there is an option for that here in the fashion world. After asking more about her style she finishes off by stating “I feel like every outfit I wear represents my style, I don’t have one set style, I just wear whatever I feel like on that day. For example, if I am feeling more feminine I’ll wear a skirt or tight clothing, if I’m feeling 2000s, I will wear low-waisted jeans and a sequined shirt, if I am feeling 90s, I’ll wear flared jeans and a collared shirt sleeve shirt with fluffy hair. It all just depends on how I am feeling that day.” Let us just say Blakeley has a good idea about fashion and loves her unique way of using fashion for herself.