A new crew in Spanish

Hola! Have you met any of the new Spanish teachers? This year at MCHS two-thirds of the Spanish department is brand new. We are proud to have these great teachers join our Red Raider troop, and they are exceeding the standard by far! From fun jokes to great teaching methods, they are making a difference. I have already heard many great things about both these teachers from multiple students. And I have to say, I am impressed by the teaching skills of both these astonishing teachers. Madison County made a great decision when they hired Olivia Hicks and Daniel Aristizabal.

I have Hicks as my Spanish 2 teacher, and I have never had a teacher quite like her. She is kind and fun, while also being very respectful and informing. Every time I walk into Hick’s classroom I get a welcoming feeling. She has created an environment that is easy and fun to learn in. I have only been in her class for a few weeks, but I have already learned so much. Every morning she greets me with “Buenos Dias,” and tells me bye with “Have a great day!” She helps everyone who needs it and if you are confused or lost, she will stay with you and help you till you understand it. She loves to teach all classes and cannot decide on a favorite. Hicks embodies the traits and characteristics that we need to see here at MCHS. 
Now for a bit of history: Hicks graduated from the University of North Georgia with a degree in Spanish language and literature. Her husband is from Mexico, and his family only speaks Spanish, so to communicate with her new family, she decided to learn Spanish. That is where she discovered her hidden love of the language, as well as the culture. Hicks loves to spend time with her family and her friends, but her closest friend is her husband, who has supported her through everything. Mrs. Hicks, we are glad to have you at MCHS this year.

Aristizabal is a funny teacher. From his hilarious jokes to his method of teaching, he is making Spanish fun to learn. According to Levi Braswell, “Mr. Aristizabal’s class is fun and enjoyable! He makes learning fun while also teaching us Spanish.” Aristizabal describes himself as a witty person who wants to become an ultra runner. He joined us from Gwinnett County, and he was recently married this summer to his loving wife, who graduated from MCHS herself. After deciding to stay at MCHS, because of not “wanting to take [his] wife from her family”, Aristizabal decided to teach Spanish for the school because we needed a new Spanish teacher and he wanted to change his content from History to Spanish.
But enough about the present, let us take a look back into Mr. Aristizabal’s history. He began in the restaurant business, but later decided to become a teacher. As he began teaching, he saw his career not so much as a job but more of a calling. One day he would like to become a pastor at a local church or coach a professional soccer team. Aristizabal is inspired by his dad, R.C. Sproul, Voddie Baucham, Francis Ngannou, and Joe Rogan. While this is a bit of a strange mix, these people have helped him become the great Christian, teacher, and loving husband that teaches in our classroom today.  Aristizabal loves to teach, and his favorite class to teach is juniors, but he loves his family and his relationship with Jesus even more. 

This year we received some amazing additions to our Spanish department. While they are new to us and we were new to them, MCHS is proud to welcome Hicks and Aristizabal into our Red Raider family! Thank you for joining us this year, I hope you both can stay and teach with us for years to come.  Adios!