Movie review: The Batman (2022)


The new Batman movie has by far been my favorite movie I’ve seen in 2022. The aspects of modern society encapsulated by the cinematography were absolutely amazing. The Batman is on HBO Max, but I promise it is a much more interesting experience to see it in the theater. Zoe Kravitz was the best cat woman ever, and Robert Pattinson’s portrayal of the dark Romantic hero was amazing as well. Warning: mature themes and spoilers! 

If you have not already seen The Batman, you must! It started right off the bat with The Batman clearing the streets from danger and his opening monologue. Pattinson created one of the best portrayals of Batman in years with his dark and introverted heuristic traits. Also, he is the hottest Batman. His ability to perfectly portray the closed-off trauma while seeing someone’s son all alone, seeing his inner child for the first time, in need of hope and a safety net is also one of his great acting aspects. 

Although the astonishing acting is great, the cinematography was, in my opinion, my favorite aspect of the movie. The director really put an ever growing effect to allow the audience feel as though they are in Bruce’s/Batman’s mind. (SPOILER) Especially when Bruce first entered the night club to meet with The Penguin. As the flashing lights when from flights of red to darkness, and the music grew louder as the people’s voices rose with it. The immense feeling of absolute anxiety grew for the audience, maybe that was just me, but I definitely felt as if i was in the club as well. The camera movement in the first club scene also added a stronger feeling of anticipation and a rush of adrenaline with the shaky movements and panning around the room constantly. 

Even with the best depictions of The Batman, The Riddler had one of the best portrayals of the inner workings of the mind. With the absolute raw image of absolute craziness as The Riddler began to sing Ave Maria while he drives Bruce mad after spilling everything he knew. Changing his mind on his entire trust in his childhood, he still sang one of the most beautiful opera pieces as someone’s life falls apart in front of his eyes. I am not going to lie, I did laugh when began to sing just because it was so random. However, it was amazing acting. 

Even with the portrayal of the inner mind, we also see the portrayal man’s mess from domination of earth. With much violence and lack of sympathy for one’s neighbor, powerful political people abusing their power to feed their money-hungry pockets, environments falling to pieces due to people telling the truth of decades of hidden stories piled under money and power. This portrayal of The Riddler can honestly be seen as a hero, someone who calls out those in power who have ruined lives of the working man. However, the ways in which he does this is not heroic. 

Although I would love to go on more, I really think you should just see The Batman for yourself and experience it first hand.