School spirit: Our first pep-rally since COVID

On March 30 2022, MCHS had one of the most influential and spirited pep rallies in years. It was hot outside, yet everyone still sang with pride.

On March 12 2020, Madison County seniors of the 2020 class were ripped from their traditional experience. They had prom and graduation taken away from them, from the most important year of their lives. For some, it is not quite important, but for most, it is the year of freedom where you celebrate with pep rallies and epic prom parties. Since 2020, we have not had a single pep rally, but the MC pride kept going. So, for the first time in two years, we had one of our best pep rallies the week before spring break.

The setup was absolutely perfect. Everyone was dancing around in the sun, forgetting about all worries we once had of being as close as six feet. Before the pep rally even started, people were already getting ready to show out, especially some of the teachers. Clint Orr showed up, surprising us as always, with his cool costumes. He, Dallas Cowne, and Trent Wilkes all dressed as the coolest cheerleaders MC has ever seen. With their perfect high kicks and lively spirits, they definitely were the best part of the entire pep rally. 

As all classes flooded the bleachers dressed in red, the band soon gathered as well onto the field. The color guard and marching band gathered on the field and were completely excited to perform for the student body. As the pep rally began the American Sign Language Club got the energy lifted by having us cheering each grade’s letter and holding it up in ASL. shortly after the marching band performed and the pep rally games began with red light green light, but not like the squid games. Students gathered on the field with students in the stands cheering their fellow classmates on. And of course, Orr, Cowne and Wilkes made sure to be the best cheerleaders out there. Vick Hadju ended the game with a big win, and it was time for the dance battle. 

Seniors and underclassmen competed against each other. If you looked hard enough you could see some students doing the worm, but the seniors were the most hyped dance group. The seniors ended up winning, as they should with their very much different dance moves. 

Another awesome part of the pep rally was the pie in the face. Students gathered around select teachers and staff to throw whipped cream at their faces. Not knowing who to start with, Principal Dixon and Cowne volunteered to be the first to go. But the best was saved for last with Mr. Wilson being targeted straight on. 

The pep rally had to end eventually, but we could not leave without one last competition. The Spirit Stick is a common pep rally tradition where each class shows the most spirit in order to get hold of the spirit stick. After many rounds, the seniors eventually won. 

After many years awaited, the MCHS Red and Grey believes this was one of the best pep rallies held and we cannot wait for the upcoming pep rallies in the future.