MCHS production: Seussical the Musical review

Jacey McMinn, Staff Writer

Our Madison County High School Drama has put on some spectacular productions this school year. They performed Seussical on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday of this week, and the show was wonderful! Seussical is a musical based off of Dr. Suess’ stories but the main plot is ‘Horton Hears a Who’. The play begins with a boy named JoJo who sees a striped hat and imagines what would wear this hat and he imagines a Cat (The Cat in the Hat). The Cat then tells the boy of what a big imagination he has, and encourages him to keep thinking. Then we are introduced to Horton, and then it follows the plot of ‘Horton Hears a Who’. There is one lesson in this show that everyone should listen to: You should never change yourself for someone. It is shown by a bird named Gertrude McFuzz who has 1 tail feather and likes Horton. She thinks he never noticed her because of her tail, so she goes to a doctor to get a bigger tail so he will notice her. Throughout the musical it featured a ton of great songs sung by the cast! Below is a list of the amazing cast and crew of Seussical. 



The Cat In The Hat – Billy Hallberg

JoJo – Aislinn Bellew

Horton the Elephant – Burke Booth 

Gertrude McFuzz – Sophia Rogers

Mayzie La Bird – Katie Carrouth 

Sour Kangaroo – Anna Moon 

Mr. Mayor – Ben Doster 

Yertle the Turtle – Ethan Brantley 

The Grinch – Cole Kempf 

Vlad Vladikoff – Austin Morgan 

Wickersham Brothers – Emory Burrows, Braydon Hardegree, and Micha Trump

Bird Girls – Mallory Brooks, Anna Claire Childers, Caitlin Daniel, Destiny Merchant, and Peyton Miller 

Mrs. Mayor – Matti Moon 

Ensemble – Abbi Adams, Kailey Avera, Nate Berryman, Lauren Bricker, Joshua Browning, Mackenzie Locke, Colton Pace, and Evelyn Priest


Director – Mr. Jones 

Music Director – Tripp Leffler 

Choreographer – Heather Hogan 

Stage Crew – Payden Moore Kaleigh Williams, and Shyann Gillespie 

Light Board Operator – Henry Hallberg 

Sound Board Operator – Daniel Fairchild 

Music Operator – Chris Fountain 

Scenic Painters – Haley Ellard, Xiammyra Silva 

Set Construction – Colton Pace