Review: Peaky Blinders


The Peaky Blinders is a show on Netflix that is about a Family called the Shelbys. The time period is set in the 1900s in Birmingham England. The Shelby family runs that city by running a huge illegal business distributing whiskey and many other illegal products to not only the city but other surrounding countries. The Shelbys easily run this business by simply blinding the cops with all of their money. They want someone dead, and they are dead, and all they have to do is slip the cops a couple of pounds so they never see anything. The city of Birmingham’s police department is all under the payroll of the Shelby and it shows how huge gang lords can easily get away with doing these illegal activities. 

Thomas Shelby Is the boss of this family. He is the smartest and most set for the part. He is a very respectable man to many governing officials because he fought in the war between France and won two gallantry medals. Due to this, it is easy for them to look over his villainous behaviors. His aunt, Polly, holds a huge role in the business because she is the family matriarch. She is also the family’s treasurer and runs most of the funds. Thomas has many family members on his side. Two of them being his brothers Arthur and John Shelby. They all listen to whatever Tommy tells them to do as if he was the older brother, but don’t be mistaken as Arthur is the oldest and Tommy being the middle child. After Thomas came back from the war, he became one of the most respected men in England and took a big step up in the family business. 

This is an undoubtedly binge worthy series with five seasons and a season six coming in June. If you are interested in a dramatic, nonstop action packed show that will constantly keep you on your toes then this is the show for you.