Teacher profile: Abby Newland

Here at MCHS, expressing ourselves through art is very underrated. It is not one of those things that students tend to enjoy due to their lack of confidence. All they need is a little motivation which is what our art teachers are for. We are so very lucky to have people like Dr. Newland to teach our younger generation about creativity. With art not being a very popular elective, we thought it would be good to focus on Dr. Newland. Those who know her know that she is a very positive person and the sweetest thing there is. She is our ray of sunshine! I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to get to know a little more about her. Here are some of the things that I asked: 


Why did you transfer from elementary to high school?

“My ultimate goal is to teach at the college level, so moving to high school gives me more experience teaching at different levels (which is something I need to get a college position one day).”

What is your favorite part about teaching art?

“My favorite part about teaching art is seeing students get REALLY excited when they do something new or interesting with the art materials. I really love seeing my students’ responses to creating things out of clay- they always get excited when they create something that they can use!”

What is something that you think people would be surprised to know was out you?

“I am a HUGE WWE wrestling fan!”

What is your spirit animal? 

“THIS IS SO HARD! I took a BuzzFeed quiz and it told me that my spirit animal was a naked mole rat… I truly hope that is not correct. I like to think I am more like a kitten or something… a little shy, sometimes playful, and happy to ignore people and do my own thing.”

What advice would you give to your younger self?

“Stop worrying so much about everything!”

What is one thing that you wished every student knew?

“That their teachers think some of the things we have to teach in school are stupid, too! [laughs] Also, that we care a lot about the students of MCHS!”

What is your favorite thing about being a Red Raider/ favorite thing about our school?

“The 3rd floor teachers are pretty amazing! There are so many teachers up here that care so much about their students.”