Every boat needs an Orr: We are glad we found ours

Pasha West

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Aiden Williamson

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Mr. Orr is easily one of MCHS’s most favorite teachers. With his outgoing, optimistic personality, he is prone to turning your cloudy days into sunbeams. There is never a dull moment while being in Mr. Orr’s innovative, contented classroom. Mr. Orr has been teaching Audio Visual Technology for three years now at MCHS. His inspiration for being so creative is: “Other people I admire really inspire me with their own creative works.” According to Orr, his favorite part of being a teacher is “my relationship with my students.” Not only does Mr. Orr enjoy teaching the class for his own amusement,  he enjoys seeing his students succeed with their own films and ideas. Speaking of films, Mr. Orr started when he was eight-years-old, and “has been in too many to count.” What he appreciates most about filming is “watching other people enjoy something that [he] created.” The biggest project he has ever worked on is “The space-themed web series I’ve been working on since 2019.” That’s a long time, but Mr. Orr obviously has other hobbies than just filming! “Writing, vintage cars, building things” are ideally Mr. Orr’s preferred spare-time activities. While there are many great teachers at MCHS, Mr. Orr is definitely AT THE TOP!