Friend or enemy? How to tell if you have a frienemy

Marissa West

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Friends are something everyone has, but how do you know they are truly your friends? When looking for friends it can be super tricky. Whether you guys just don’t click, or you guys have a different outlook on life. Here are some ways you tell if you have a true friend or a frenemy.

  • Does the person want to spend time with you?- As people we want our friends to spend time with us. If the person does not make time for you or put in the effort to hang out. They are not your friend; they are your frenemy. 
  • Does the person change around other people?- When you guys are around people, do they tend to change how they act? If so, you have a fake person on your hands. If they are fake towards other people what’s stopping them from being fake towards you?
  • Is the person there for you no matter what?- People can get emotional so as people we need someone to be there for us all the time. If you have a “friend” who does not care and is not there for you they are not your true friend. The person is your frenemy.
  • Do they judge you?- When people are looking for a friend they tend to look for people who they can trust and someone who does not judge them. A good friend does not judge you. 
  • Does the person hurt your feelings repeatedly?- Does your “friend” constantly put down or hurt your feelings when you have talked about your feelings being hurt? If so, you do not have a good friend. They are fake.

If you are realizing you have a friend who has these characteristics. You do not have a true friend and you need to find another one.