Valentine’s Q&A


There are many Valentine’s Day traditions. I asked multiple people in The Red and Grey staff their own opinions about the lovely holiday: 

What is your relationship status?

Omariah Reid: Talking to someone

Pasha West: Taken.

Mrs. Gordon: Married.


If you were being taken out to eat on Valentine’s Day, where would you want to go?

Omariah Reid: I would like to go to Texas Roadhouse.

Pasha West: We’re having a picnic at Botanical Gardens.

Mrs. Gordon: SeaBear. 


Chocolate or flowers?

Omariah Reid: Flowers.

Pasha West: Flowers.

Mrs. Gordon: Flowers. 


Do you have a valentine this year?If so, what do you expect to get and what are you getting for them?

Omariah Reid: Yeah, no.

Pasha West: Yes, I don’t expect anything and I’m taking him to a movie he wants to see, writing him a letter, and giving him a promise ring.

Mrs. Gordon: Yeah, nothing and nothing haha. 


What color best represents Valentine’s Day?

Omariah Reid: Red. 

Pasha West: Red.

Mrs. Gordon: Red. 


What is your love language?

Omariah Reid: Physical touch

Pasha West: Words of affirmation.

Mrs. Gordon: Words of affirmation & physical touch. 


What would your candy heart say?

Omariah Reid: Be mine.

Pasha West: Ur Cute.

Mrs. Gordon: Hug me. 


Who do you love the most? 

Omariah Reid: My mom.

Pasha West: God.

Mrs. Gordon: My kid.